Let us tell you a story about Map My Growth
About what drives us, the Pirate Code we follow and why we're the good guys... Yarrr!

What’s with the whole pirate theme?

Surprised Kraken wondering why Map My Growth was created

Even though Map My Growth was officially launched in 2020, our Business Cartography methodology is the fruit of over 8 years of our Founder’s experience, remotely growing 200+ businesses as a research consultant and manager for one of the top agencies in the world.

Identifying business growth opportunities, gathering knowledge, insights, and, most importantly, using all these elements to optimize our clients’ websites, sales processes, or even the whole business models, is very much like sailing.

You need to know where you are (now), where you’re going (next), whom you should take with you (your target audience), and how to get to the Hidden Treasure (more sales, conversions, etc.).

Our Pirate Code: We hereby declare that…

The pirate code Map My Growth follows

1We only work with businesses that respect their customers and believe in their product. No money can buy decency.

2We never follow the one-size-fits-all approach when growing our clients. Templates kill creativity required to excel.

3If it turns out that we can’t help you for some reason, we’ll say so. Blunt honesty is our virtue.

4We question our clients’ decisions if the insights we gather don’t support them. Enablers don’t grow businesses—Challengers do.

We’re the good kind of pirates: Our 3% rule

Gem icon symbolizing how Map My Growth gives back

Good karma is important on turbulent seas of business optimization. That’s why we give back by:

1Donating at least 3% of what we earn to fund scholarship programs for high-school students with outstanding leadership and critical thinking skills.

2Working pro bono with charities and NGOs recommended by our clients, as long as their cause is close to our Values.

Depending on why you are on our site today, you can…

1. Check out our Book of Wisdom (aka Blog)

Most people would call it a Blog, but we aren’t most people. The Book of Wisdom contains many articles that can help you optimize your website experience, learn how to gather data that’s critical for your growth, and much more. No fluff, just practical advice.

2. Book your Free Consultation (aka Cartography Session)

If you are serious about growing your business and you want it to be in a different (better) place 2 months from now, the Cartography Session is your first step. It’s a no-strings-attached, brutally honest discussion about your key page. Learn more about how the Cartography Session works here.

3. Leave, but keep in touch

We get it—it might be late, you might be busy or have 1,000 other reasons not to get in touch right away. But if you leave us your email address below (and nothing more), we’ll be sending you our articles from The Book of Wisdom. And that’s it. We don’t sell or exchange email addresses. We might look like business optimization pirates, but we’re the good kind!

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